Saturday, July 04, 2009

D'Moments captures my hope in faith.

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I've always told my friends that for a cancer patient, you sometimes enjoy good days and then there are really horrid ones that inflict you with pain; dishearten and hinder your thoughts of survival. It isn't exactly rocket science to understand that different people resort to different means to calm themselves.

For me, regardless of what sort of day I go through, one thing that's been holding me up is my faith and trust in the good Lord. I am comforted by His presence when I pray and I feel blessed to be able to communicate through the prayer channel with Him. I've still a long way to go as I am only a 'Padawan' when it comes to having a strong relationship in Christ. It's important that I make a note to myself daily to thank God for keeping me alive today. Sarcoma cancer is aggressive and the term 'metastasize' is something I'm familiar with but shudder to think of. I regulate my breathing; consume the book of Job (the man who epitomizes the term 'faith' and also a lesson that we may question but not critic God's methods as we're here to appreciate His unfathomable feats), flip towards Isaiah 61 (He comforts my broken heart and is my Salvation), shed tears upon reading Luke 19:10 (Again, I am saved through His grace...despite my ignorant past) and thank God wholeheartedly anyway. In life, I think it's best to live it like there's "nothing to win and nothing left to lose" (Paul Hewson).

Last week, D'Moments Photography invited me to be a part of their special photo series in a church in Penang. The outcome was a series of poignant black & white shots of me coming to terms that Christ remains my Salvation and the serenity of that thought. Kudos to Mr. Rudy Choong & Mr. Bobby Yeoh for their time and effort to take me out on my first ever professional photo shoot. I should have done this in high school when I had youth on my side!

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